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Pioglitazone authorized generic drugs in Brazil." I think we're a phase where we are starting to see a lot of the same people in high office. From President Obama to Senator Chuck Schumer, who called on the president to do more on immigration, Senator Marco Rubio in the Senate, who has taken a hard-line stance, to Senator Rand Paul and others who've criticized the Iran deal and President's handling of the economy to Donald Trump and the President's immigration policies. This seems to be a phase that is long overdue. It's not just Republicans who are in a tough position on immigration. It was President Obama who on the fence first time around and I suspect that it will be Senator Rubio who find himself on the fence. I think we are going to come a consensus over the next decade or so on how to treat immigrants from all over the world. I think we are at the point in time now where I think we will agree that the right way to ensure that our immigration system is fair and just to everyone is have a merit-based system. But until then, Senator Bernie Sanders and a number of his supporters should at least start listening to each other. For a lot of people, it may seem a bit strange to say that they should at least look the other side of a debate. But I think that both sides must start paying attention to one another. If we continue to give in the extremes on both sides of the table, I think we will continue to give more power corporate America, and we could end up in a place where our immigration system is less in the hands of people who represent us or the people who can best represent us. We don't need to take a position on immigration and we certainly don't need to take a stand against what President Obama proposed in his last executive order. My concern has always been our immigration system from the standpoint of those who are immigrants, legal or not. From the perspective of United States, we could be contributing a lot of money to humanitarian programs in the world because we have so many immigrants who provide much, live in the shadows and who are not in the news. I think that it is a missed opportunity not to allow all people be able to contribute those programs. The real concern about this program is not what President Obama proposed. I don't think it's a question of whether we should open doors to some people. I think our real concern is if we create an immigration program that's less about our individual rights, and more about corporate rights profits, that would be a very destructive thing. I'm just one of millions Americans who believe in the sanctity of Constitution. I think that we have an obligation to do everything that we can to make sure that people can come to this country, country lawfully, as hard working people. That's what I believe in. It is an obligation on us as members