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Buy prednisolone 1mg tablets, then they will not be receiving the correct label and you will be getting the wrong dose. What can I do if got the drug incorrectly? If you think received your prescription correctly, you can make a claim to get your money back. If you are given a prescription by pharmacist, you can also make a claim to get your money back. You can find more information about making a claim at our website. I received my prescription but forgot to take it. Can I still claim? NHS Information Services can help you if are missing prescription drugs. You can call for help by calling 0300 123 2040 during working hours or quoting reference number 180414. I received a new prescription but I don't remember what it is. Can I still claim? NHS Information Services can help you with missing medication if are over 16, the age at which you can legally claim to receive prescription medicines. For children under 16, you Prednisolone 20mg $115.24 - $0.64 Per pill can only make a claim that you weren't aware of. For more information call on 0300 123 2040 during working hours and quoting reference number 180525. Why are those who receive it prescribed more often than others? People who are aged between 65 and 64 years old are twice as likely to receive a prescription for antibiotics than those over 16 years old. The reasons for this are not clear, but it may be because older people are more likely to have conditions that require antibiotics, or it may be because they tend to have better health, such as less heart disease. Does the NHS use an 'out in public' system for this purpose? No. The NHS does not use an 'out in public' scheme. The NHS uses a separate system for the management of prescriptions. What will happen if I don't take my prescription out in time? You could be prosecuted! If a prescription is taken out late, or you don't take the medication, could face an offence for failing to provide a valid prescription. How long does it take to receive my medication? Many patients don't know that their medicines are being delivered to their home. However, under the NHS' In-House Prescribing Scheme it takes just five workin